Complete Resume

Last update: April 11th, 2018


"Fugleflugten - Salamander", Music Video, as DP

"Visuel Autisme", Shorts series, as DP

"Mit Liv Som Ruben", web series, as DP

"Hugo Helmig - Please Don't Lie", Music Video, as DP

"Katinka - Pulverkaffe", Music Video, as DP

"N'Lock", Commercial, as DP

"Bag For En Sag", Spots, as DP

"Shaka Toko - Kender Mit Navn", Music Video, as DP

"Bruden er løs", TV Spot, as DP

"Red Moon Ritual - Let It Die", Music Video, as DP

"Forstadsfilmene, POKALEN", Webisode pilot, as DP

"Emmelie De Forest - History", Music Video, as DP
"Hold så for din fucking mund!", Infomercial, as DP


"Jacob Bellens - Trail Of Intiuition", Music Video, as DP

"Meena", TV Series Pilot, as DP

"Frederik Gøtzsche - Frozen Days", Music Video, as DP

"Kant stop the feeling", Music Video, as DP

Hunting, Stills

"Nathan Goshen - Home", Music Video, as DP

"*playground 006 / Smagsprøver", Short Film, as DP

"Junkie", Showreel additional shot, as DP

"*playground 005", Short Film, as DP

"Amourette Charm", Spot for Triumph, as DP

"Cozy", Commercial, as DP

"HK - Jobsamtale med dig selv", Commercial Spot, as DP

"Glow", Nivea Commercial, as DP

"Friday with Friends", Nivea Commercial, as DP

"Humørekspressen - Katharina", Music Video, as DP

"Carlsberg, DTU", Commercial, as DP

"Carlsberg, Torino", Commercial, as DP

"Carlsberg, Liverpool", Commercial, as DP

"Jacob Bellens - Whenever", Music Video, as DP

"Meena", TV Show Pilot, as DP

"Red Bull x Distortion Ø", Commercial, as DP

"Red Bull "Street"", Commercial, as DP

"Carlsberg, Yeast", Commercial, as DP

"Choreography in Cinematography", Educational Study, as DP

"Carlsberg, Beijing", Commercial, as DP

"Carlsberg, The Scientist", Commercial, as 2.Unit DP

"*playground 003", Short Film, as Director and DP

"KVR feat. Kaiva - Never Gonna Be", Music Video, as DP

"The online globalist: Beate, Bangkok", Short Documentary, as DP

"The Greatest Elias Ehlers Show", TV Series, as DP

"Macho *playground #002", Short Film, as DP

"The Exchange student: Jeanne, Denmark", Short Documentary, as DP

"The Humanitarian: Tobias, Congo", Short Documentary, as DP

"REC Watches - Porsche", Commercial, as DP

"Slaggers 1, 2 & 3", Short Web Series, as DP

"Macho *playground #001", Short Film, as DP

"The Artist: Nathan, Tel Aviv", Short Documentary, as DP

"Star Wars re:mixed", Short Film, as DP

"The Chef: Martin, New York City", Short Documentary, as DP

"Chinah - Even Love", Music Video, as DP

"BLAK - Ik' Min Skyld", Music Video, as DP 
"IKEA - Min Søn", Commercial, as 2.AC
"Wafande - På Det Beat", Music Video, as DP
"Djämes Braun - Dem Vi Var", Music Video, as DP
"Benjamin Lasnier - Everythang Acoustic", Music Video, as DP
"Polka", Short Dance Film, as DP
"Telia, Blak Friday", Commercial, as DP
"Biodynamisk Junkfood", Short Film, as DP
"Momentum", TV Series Dummy, as DP
"TopGunn - Længe Siden", Music Video, as DP
"TopGunn - Dør", Music Video, as DP
"Ønskeland", Short Dance Film, as DP
"Hillebrandt - Nothing To Fear", Musicvideo, as Director
"DMA Spot" for TV2, Commercial, as focus puller
"Newlives", Short Film, as DP
"Charlotte Roel feat. N.R.A - Where Did The Love Go?", Music Video, as DP
"Dan Dream", Feature Film, as 2. Unit DP
"Hasan Shah - Milion På Konto", Music Video, as DP
"DAD", Feature Film, as DP
"Fucking Lejemordere i Telefonbogen", Short Film, as DP
"This is Alice", Conceptual Short Film, as DP 
"SUPERmad", Youtube Series, as DP
"Den Anden Verden", Tv Series, as 2.AC
"Arian Romal - Rab Di Kasam", Music Video, as DP
"Flow", TV Serie Pilot, as DP
"Hjernesagen", Viral Campaign, as DP
"DAD", Documentary, as DP
"Magi i hverdagen", Dance Documentary, as DP
"Arian Romal - Billo", Music Video, as DP
"en to tre NU!", Viral Campaign, as DP
"ANIMALI", Short Art Film, as DP
"#ungdommennutildags", Informercial, as DP
"Trafikstyrelsen", Informercial, as DP
"Star Wars Anthology: The Last Padawan", Short Film, as DP
"Sleiman - Bomaye", Music Video, as DP
"Danmarks Nyeste Talkshow - med Christian Fuhlendorff", Talkshow Dummy, as DP
"Tranquilizer", Music Video, as DP
"Japan", Short Film, as DP
"Killaz on Speed Dial", Test shots for Shot Film, as DP
The Ritual, Live Koncert Video, as DP
"Hasan Shah - Lanterner", Music Video, as DP
"Aaben Dans", Documentary, as DP

"Papparazzi - Juleand", Music Video, as DP
"Old Thing Back", Short Film, as DP
"Den Anden Verden", TV Show, as 2.AC
"Nicklas", Documentary, as DP
"PWC - Snickers", Commercial, as DP
"PWC - Laundering", Commercial, as DP
"Til Min Bror", Conceptual Trailer, as DP
"Black Dylan - Run", Music Video, as 1.AC
"Daniel Lill, LIVSLIMBO", Stand Up Show, as DP
"Page Four - Fucking Smuk", Music Video, as DP
"Kundeservice", Intern Informerciel at DSB, as DP
"Ruben Søltoft - Mit Hovede", Commercial, as DP
"Civil Ulydighed", Short Documentary, as DP
"Fuglene Over Sundet", 2. Unit Feature Film shoot, as 2.AC
Citroën, Commercial, as 1.AC
"Cisilia - Drop Den Bas", Music Video, as DP
"Murro", Music Video, as DP
"Cisilia - Unge Øjne", Music Video, as DP
"Linda P - Det' Okay", Music Video, as DP
"Umage Image - Forfest", Music Video, as DP
"Sjit Happens 4", TV-Series, as 2.AC
"Vild $mith - Penge På Dig", as DP
"C.I.R.I", Short Film, as DP
"Lulus Første Gang", Short Film, as DP
"Bare Bryster (Arbejdstitel)", Show Pilot, as DP
DAD, Performance Art Piece, as DP
"Iqbal Farooq", Feature Film, as 2.AC
ModPol - "Californien", Music Video, as DP
DSB - Skiltehacking, Infomercial, as DP
Zangenberg Company, Commercial, as DP
"It's a Good Day", 7/11 Intern Add, as DP
A Saviour Is Present, Performance Art piece, as DP
Til Min Bror, Conceptual test, as DP
"Blomster til Nora", Short Film, as DP
DM i Stand Up 2015, TV-Program, as Director
Pato Siebenhaar - "Sluk Dit Hovede", Music Video, as DP
"M&R", Fashion Short, as Director & DP
"Alex Thelander live på Comedy ZOO", Stand Up Show, as DP
"Coding Pirates", Corporate Film, as DP
Forældre, Feature Film, as 2.AC
DSB'sk, Inhouse Video at DSB, as DP
Star Wars Fan Film, Viral sketch, as DP

Rasmus Seebach - Tusind Farver, Music Video, as DP
Kærlig Talt, Educational Talkshow, as DP
Royal/Grapehouse, Webisode, as DP
"Når Jeg Bliver Voksen", Tv Series pilot, as DP
"On Fire", Fashion Stills Series, as Photographer
Pato Siebenhaar - "Fuld Af Løgn", Music Video, as DP
Money Playing The Piano, 2. Unit reference shoot for commercial, 2. Unit DP
The Lie, Short Film, as DP
Miracle, Corporate Film, as DP
Stream City - "Hoax", Music Video, as DoP
ID Channel, Viral Spot, as Director
Stine Bramsen - "The Day You Leave Me", Music Video, as DoP
Christian Fuhlendorff - "Kort historie lang", Show Teaser, as DoP
Harmonics - "Pledge", Music Video, as DoP
Lina P - "Qvotrup", Music Video, as DoP
World of Girls - "Weekend Girl", Music Video, as DoP
Harmonics -  Live Session, Concert Shoot, as DoP 
"Sjit Happens 3", TV-Series, 2. AC
"Land Of Mine", Feature Film, 2. Unit, 2. AC
"Hr. & Fru Hakkebøf", Tv-Series Pilot, 1. AC
"Steve Mcqueen Memorial Rally 15", Independent Documentary - Camera Operator
"Blonde Brown Boy", Independent Feature Film - 2. unit Director of Cinematography
"Nattebarn", Short Film - Director of Photography
Distortion 2014 Mech, Viral Commercial - Director of Photography
"Comeback", Feature Film - 2. Assistant Camera
Basim Surprise!, Viral Commercial - Director of Photography
Dansk Kennelklub, Instructional Film - Director of Photography
Nørderne Strikes Back 2, Stand Up Show - Director of Photography
"Partiets Mand", TV-Series (2.unit breakers) - Director of Photography
LO Kampagne, Commercials - Director of Photography
"Dannys Dommedag", Bag om filmen, Arbejders Landsbank Spot - Director of Photography
Rynkeby Happening, Viral Commercial - Director of Photography
"Partiets Mand", TV-Series (DR2) - Camera Assistant
Bolia 2015, Commercial - Camera Assistant
Lasse Rimmer's "Selvtilfreds", Stand Up Show - Director of Photography
Kolbøttefabrikken, Bag om filmen, Arbejders Landsbank Spot - Director of Photography
CinemaxX Classics, Cinema Spot - Director of Photography
Jordan, Documentary - Director of Photography
Mego - "Indeni", Music Video - Dicretor of Photography
Mens Room 2, Stand Up Show - Camera Operator
Heartless, TV Series - Intro & Special FX Director of Photography 
The Glass Kites - "Churchbells" & "Radio", Music Videoes - Director of Photography 
Linda P's Hovedpine, Stand Up Show - Camera Operator

"Dansens Dag", Dance Short Film - Director of Photography
Tvillingerne & Julemanden, TV Series - 2. unit VFX Cinematography
Comedy Zoo's Juleshow 2013, On Scene Visuals - Director of Photography
Talle Alene i Verden, Stand Up Show - Camera Operator
Hafnia Portraits, Still Series - Photographer
Blå Jul, Wepisode - Director of Photography
Flâneur, Short Film - Director of Photography
Sjit Happens 2, TV-Series - Camera Assistant
Harmonics - "Byens Lys", Music Video - Director of Photography
Heartless, TV-Series - Camera Assistant
At Slå Op, Short Film - Director of Photography
Student, Short Documentary - Director of Photography
Kongskilde, Agricultural Commercial - Director of Photography
Sommerfugleterapi (v/ Hella Joof), Documentary show - Director of Photography
Monte Carlo Elsker Jøderne, Intro - Camera Assitant
Thomas Skovs Sportsprogram 2, Intro - Camera Assistant
Dansk Kennelklub - Skyd ikke Hunden, Info Videos - Camera Operator
CCF - Den Gode Samtale, Info Sketch - Assistant Camera
Thomas Hartmann X 2, Stand-Up Show - Camera Operator
Nørderne Strikes Back, Stand-Up Show - Director of Photography
Caspers Badekar, Talkshow (tv2 Zulu) - Director of Photography
Sjit Happens, TV Series (TV2 Zulu) - Assistant Camera
T-Hansen, Commercial - 1st Camera Assistant
DM i Stand Up, TV Show (TV2 Zulu) - Producer and Director of Photography
Nik & Jay - United, Music Video - Assistant Camera
Scarlet Pleasure - Ocean, Music Video - Director of Photography
One Minute Talkshow, Talkshow - Director of Photography

Kolbøttefabrikken, Feature Film - Assistant Camera
Alle For To, Feature Film - SFX Cinematography
Christian Fuhlendorff - Enestående, Live Comedy Show - Camera Operator
"Skyggen af en helt", Feature Documentary - 2. Unit Cinematography
Comedy Zoo Juleshow Intro, Theatrical Intro - Director of Photography
Dybvad Tour Spot, Commercial - Director of Photography
DesignIt, Commercial - Director of Photography
The Glass Kites - Speedbumps In The Air, Music Video - Director of Photography
Bag For En Sag, Commercial for Havas Worldwide - Assistant Camera 
Ultimate Gamer 4, Short Action Sketch - Director of Photography
Mick Øgendahl SPAS, Stand-UP Show, Grip
Harmonics - LIVE, Live Koncert - Director of Photography
Dybvaaaaad!, TV Show (TV2 Zulu) - Director of Photography on EFP's
Zulu News, News Show (TV2 Zulu) - Cinematography
Footprint, Live Dance, Cinematography
Første Gang, Talkshow dummy (TV2 Zulu) - Director of Photography
Vær Synlig - Dansk Kennelklub, OBS Spot - Lighting Technician
Sjit Happens, Sitcom pilot (TV2 Zulu) - Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)
Nora, Short Feature - Director of Photography
Max Pinlig lll, Feature Film - Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)
DDB Reklame, Commercial - Director of Photography 
Julie Groove - Make Up Junkie Monky, Music Video - Director of Photography 
Verdenssøn, Super16 graduation film - Assistant Camera
Harmonics - Make It Up Somehow, Music Video - Director of Photography 
Fuckers, Pilot/Dummy for future sitcom - Lighting Assistant
Ultimate Gamer 3, Short Action Sketch - Director of Photography 
DAD 2012 Tour, concert DVD - Cinematographer, primary camera
Schøt Happens Spot, Commercial Spot - Director of Photography
Alle For To, Feature Film - Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)
Bottled In England - Change, Music Video - Assistant Camera
KENYA (Fordi Det Nytter), Feature Documentary - Director of Photography
Less Is More (Teologisk Pædagoisk Center), Educational Video - Director of Photography
Linda P og Mig, Stand Up DVD - Cinematographer, Primary Camera
Breaking The News, Weekly News Show, Director of Photography

Ultimate Gamer 2, Short Action Sketch - Director of Photography
Fie Lykke - Life Might Hurt You, Music Video - Director of Photography
Le Clé - Green Gold, Music Video - Director of Photography
Julie Groove - Sødt Kød, Music Video - Cinematography
Elavator, Short Film - Director of Photography
Mighty Music Spot, Commercial Spot - Cinematography
Ultimate Gamer, Short Action Sketch - Director of Photography
UnderGround Music Awards, Award Show - Motion Graphics
Little People Living Inside My Head, Short Film - Assistant Camera
StudioTan - Pets, Music Video - Director of Photography
Til Alle Mine Venner, Short Film - Assistant Camera
Orchard - All Worked Out, Music Video - Director of Photography
PowderMilk, Extreme Sports - Director of Photography
Linda, Short Film - Director of Photography
Er Jeg Normal, Short Documentary - Director of Photography

Karin, Short Film - Camera Assitant
Staalvand, Short Film - Lighting Technician

Uheldigheder, Short Film - Director of Photography
Bents Fødselsdag, Short Film - Director of Photography
Lauritz' Ører, Short Film - Director of Photography
Hej Matematik - Du & Jeg, Music Video - Camera Assistant

Window Of Opportunity, Art Film - Lighting Assistant

Liv, TV Movie - Runner

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